Geography of Bohol

Bohol is an island located between latitude 9°30′ and 10°15′ North and Longitude 123°40′ and 124°30′ East.

With a land area of 4117.3 square kilometers, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines, and lies in the middle of the Visayas. Bohol is surrounded by other islands on all sides, and is thus shielded from the typhoons that often occur in the region, as well as from the heaviest rains.

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Visa Regulations

(updated: Tuesday, 6 April 2010)

If you are a citizen of a western country and arrive without a Philippine visa at one of the international airports, carry a passport valid for 6 months beyond your planned exit from the Philippines, and have an ongoing or return airplane ticket leaving the Philippines, you will normally be granted an entry visa for free and can enter the Philippines and stay for a maximum of 21 days.

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The Boholano Language

On Bohol, most people speak Cebuano, or, to be more exact, the local dialect of Cebuano, called Boholano. It differs in some aspects from the Cebuano spoken on Cebu. For example:

Cebuano: Akoa baya ning sinilas.
Boholano: Ahoa baja ning sinilas.
Tagalog: Akin itong tsinilas na ito.
English: This is my slipper.

However, you will not face too much trouble making yourself understood on Bohol. Many people speak English, and almost all speak standard Cebuano as well as Tagalog.

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Monetary Info: Phillipine Money

The currency in the Philippines is the Philippine peso (or officially piso), divided into 100 centavos (officially centimo). Current are coins of 1, 5, 10, and 25 centavos and 1 and 5 pesos, and bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos.

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