Relaxing Swimming Pool

It would be a perfect Palms Cove experience once you swim and enjoy our relaxing swimming pool. You can stay there anytime you want since that is part of your benefit as our beloved guest. Adults, teenagers, and kids can enjoy the pool since it has been designed perfectly for everyone.

While swimming and enjoying the swimming pool water, you can also listen to the naked sound of nature that you will embrace for sure.

High- Class Restaurant

Once you are in Palms Cove Resort, you will not just enjoy the luxurious rooms, swimming pool, and the nature. We have a high-class restaurant too that can serve delicious and international taste menus that you will enjoy for sure. Name whatever you want us to cook for you, we can definitely provide it extra mile for you. From the quality of the food down to its affordable price, you deserve to embrace what Palms Cove Resort can offer.

Witness the Beautiful Sunset in Alona Beach

We cannot describe perfectly the real beauty of sunset unless we can see it firsthand. Experience and witness the beautiful sunset to the next level. It would be a perfect sunset experience once you are in Alona Beach. The combination of the sun rays reflect the crystal clear sea water of Aloha and add the powder-like sand, that can make your stay in Alona Beach more memorable especially if you are with your loved ones.

Night Vibes in Alona

If you want to make your Panglao Island experience extra different, visit Alona beach, a five-minute walk from Palms Cove Resort. Why we say extra different especially during night time? Can you imagine yourself listening some good music by the sea with your friends and family? Once you’re in Aloha beach, your imagination will surely happen. That good music by the beach while eating your favorite food and drinking your favorite drink, and much more, can make your stay in Aloha beach a unique and unforgettable one.