If you want to witness and experience a slice of heaven, visiting Panglao Island is the best choice ever. It is purely rich of beauties when it comes to culture, nature, and the people as well.

While enjoying the paradise, staying in Palms Cove Resort can double your comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind. This is one of the best resorts in Panglao Island that you want to stay because it can naturally give your vacation a magnificent and meaningful one. Palms Cove Resort is a combination of modern with a sense of native interior. Accessibility is easy, restaurants, stores, banks, are just meters away.

Also, Alona Beach is just a five minute walk from Palms Cove Resort. Beach strolling, diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and even island hopping are some of the many activities that Panglao Island can offer you. You can also experience the relaxing massage by the beach for a very fair price.

Having a private place while in vacation is not so common. Palms Cove Resort is the only resort that can offer you a luxurious and relaxing stay beyond your expectation. A genuine service is a plus that can help you reveal the true meaning of vacation.

Start your Panglao Island adventure now in Palms Cove Resort!

There are a lot of reasons why you have to experience Palms Cove Resort!

Free Wifi

It is always convenient to be more updated via online

especially if you are traveling.


Enjoy our world-class room services that can provide your needs, may it be food, beverages and more.

Best Resort

Always aiming for excellence so that every guest can embrace comfortable ambiance in the entire resort area.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Once you reach the resort, you can instantly feel the relaxing atmosphere that can make your mind at peace as well.


The resort crews are naturally friendly to everyone and they can assist you with everything you want to request.


We want to always aim for excellence in everything that we do, the place, food, and everything just for the customer’s satisfaction.

Guest Reviews

A bit Off THE Beach, but easy endige to Walk there in 8-10 mins. Nice Pool and overall very relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The deluxe or superior Rooms will do nicely. The villa is actually rather dated and only has 1 bed room. The suite has a bigger wow factor, though again the design leaves something to desire and. So just go with the standard rooms, all good.
Very friendly and helpful staff.

Arno L
Sales Accountant

The rooms are clean and big. The service and the employees always helpful. You can arrive to Alona beach in 5 min on foot. Good and copious breakfast. You can find a cheaper guide for the tours outside the hotel in Alona beach.

Carlo Cavaliere 83

This resort property onl has 8 bungalows or apartments as I would term them. Friendly, open staff and well manicured grounds. Every morning someone was cleaning the sparkling pool and trimming the vegetation. Sarting at 5am each morning as the sun starts to rise he birds and wild animals outside the fenced property wake up, it’s a real experience for someone from the City. Be sure to confirm your booking, the place is remote. Probably 30-45 minutes from Tagbilaran.

Jamerey Dingal
Web Developer